Why Orlanu


As a physical therapist, every day I meet people who tell me of living with chronic pain. They tell me about the many doctors, medications, and treatments they have tried. They tell me of their frustration, their anxiety, their depression when they find little or no relief.  This is what they say:

“Pain has changed my life.”

“Pain steals my energy.”

“Pain has stifled my motivation.”

“Pain absorbs my every thought and moment.

“Pain has weakened my spirit.”

“Pain has shrunk my world.”

“What have you tried?”  I ask.  And they tell me.  

“Surgery and injections.”

But they are still in pain.

We discuss how these traditional treatments offer sound methods and approaches and often work for people with ordinary situations — but not those with chronic and debilitating symptoms.

“What else have you tried?”

“Physical therapy.”  

They tell me of regimented, often painful treatment in a large, noisy room with other patients, monitored and measured by a stopwatch and a computer.  Patients begin each new treatment with optimism and hope; they leave weeks or months later with disappointment — and the same, relentless pain. 

Some have heard: 

“You have plateaued.”

“Nothing more can be done for you.”

“Just learn to live with it.”

If this is your story, I hold out to you hope, encouragement, and understanding. 

In the following pages of this letter, you will learn more about Orlanu and me — what to expect at your first visit and beyond; my training, experience, and approach to healing; unique treatments individualized for every patient, other resources and fees. If you like what you see, then we will work well together.

I look forward to meeting you. 



Michele Rozansky, PT, owner, and sole practitioner of Orlanu Therapies